February Funk

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year, that Santa was good to you and you had a relaxing break.  My Christmas was a 4 day Festival of Family and Food!  So lovely to catch up with my family, but oh, the amount of eating I did is quite shameful.  Early in … Continue reading

Relax. It’s Christmas.

Sure, I know that relaxing at Christmas time is kinda a contradiction in terms, so I’m running a yoga workshop to teach you some tools to help you get through the chaos of the festive season. There will be yoga for keeping shoulders relaxed, lower backs happy and bodies feeling good in general.  Pranayama or breathing to … Continue reading

Life. Sometimes it sucks.

Yesterday I was in the middle of writing a flippant post about how it’s nearly christmas, and life gets ridiculously busy and we all get so stressed and blah blah blah (yes, I know, it’s been ages since I wrote anything.  Life has been ridiculously busy!), when a couple of things happened to completely change … Continue reading

Spring! It’s a thing…

Spring.  You either love it or you hate it, for a number of reasons…  Some people see Spring as a time of new beginnings, a time for movement and growth, a time of renewal, for others, it’s a challenge (language warning on that one!)  Regardless of how it manifests for you, Spring means change, and that … Continue reading

Yoga. It’s all about you.

A yoga practice is an individual thing.  It is about you and your body, your mind, your spirit.  It should, perhaps, be called you-ga, except that’s really naff (and then, maybe that should be me-ga..??  Hmm.).  A yoga practice should give you what you need on that particular day.  We all know that our bodies, minds … Continue reading

Yoga and emotion

Ever had a meltdown on your yoga mat?  I have.  A number of times.  Just a few weeks back was the most recent.  In class.  A number of things conspired to have me feeling very fragile – a couple of nights out celebrating with not enough sleep or good food and too much wine, then a close … Continue reading

Winter Special Offer. Save heaps!

Let my special offer entice you off the couch and onto the yoga mat:  Do 6 classes in 6 weeks for just $66!  That’s a saving of $36.  Yippee!  Classes need to be taken within a 6 week period, but can be done on either Tuesday night or Saturday morning.  Offer is valid til the … Continue reading

Hello www!

White Lily Yoga invites you to join a dynamic yoga class to build connection between your mind and body.  You are encouraged to practice within your abilities to improve health and wellbeing.  All levels of student are welcome. Classes: Monday night:  V.C. Mullet Hall, Badger Creek Road, Badger Creek.  7 – 8.30pm Tuesday night: Fairfield … Continue reading